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About us
Anhui Highwell Electronic Co., Ltd. o Established in 2010, Anhui Hanwei Electronics Co., LTD. is a manufacturer specialized in the research, development and production of high-precision instruments, embedded systems and automatic control systems. We are situated in Hefei National Hi-tech development zones. Hanwei prodcuts cover mechanical and ultrasonic heat meter, ultrasonic water meter, wireless self-organizing network water meter, main circuit board of meters, room thermostat, valve controller, intelligent ...
  • A new type of dustproof heat meter with good effect
  • A new type of heat meter
  • A new type of ultrasonic heat meter
  • A new kind of convenient read table of heat meter
  • A water meter automatic flow test device
  • A patent for invention - automatic flow calibration device of heat energy table
  • A free cleaning ultrasonic heat meter
  • A new type of meter reading device
  • A kind of descaling type heat energy table
  • Contactless IC card ultrasonic heat meter
  • Heat meter
  • A heat meter with pressure detection module
  • An automated testing intelligent heat meter detection
  • The ultrasonic heat meter based on infrared data exchange
  • The quantity of heat of unit with a pallet